KastKing Kestrel Baitcasting Fishing Reel Carbon Frame BFS Finesse Reel


KastKing Kestrel Baitcasting Fishing Reel Carbon Frame BFS Finesse Reel


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KastKing Kestrel Baitcasting Fishing Reel Carbon Frame BFS Finesse Reel Ultra light 128g 5.5KG Max Drag 11+1 Double Shielded BB

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  • PERFECT BAITCASTING REEL FOR FINESSE FISHING – The Kestrel BFS (Bait Finesse System) baitcasting reel only 4.5 ounces! KastKing Kestrel baitcasting reel allows anglers to effortlessly cast lightweight baits farther with greater accuracy while nearly eliminating backlashes. Plus, the minimal weight and comfortable, compact size make the Kestrel a breeze to fish with all day long!

  • ADVANCED BRAKING TECHNOLOGY – The FAF (Flyout Arc Finesse) Braking system was designed specifically for finesse fishing. Two half-ring magnetic brakes automatically adjust to slow down the spool when braking is needed to prevent backlashes. As the speed of the spool decreases, the magnetic field inside the spool diminishes and the magnets retract to maximize casting distance. There is also an external fingertip brake adjustment dial for fine tuning spool speeds for smaller baits.

  • INNOVATIVE SPOOL – The ultra-lightweight BFS shallow feather spool weighs only 5.6 grams! The smaller spool excels at handling the smaller diameter lines best suited for finesse fishing. The shallow spool requires less effort to turn and get up to speed, therefore enabling anglers to effectively cast lures down to 1/16 oz.

  • ADVANCED LINE GUIDE – The patented LFTV (Low Friction Tapered Vortex) Line Guide decreases the angle at which the line enters the guide, limiting friction during casts. Straighter line and reduced friction results in fewer backlashes and greater distance on casts, both of which are qualities highly desirable among serious finesse anglers.



Package List: 1 x KastKing Kestrel Baitcasting Reel


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